We are a 501c3 non profit organization providing pet food to low income, elderly, disabled and homeless individuals.

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Introducing the faces behind Pocono Pet Pantry. Meet our team


Top Left - Debbie Fleegle - President 

email - dfleegle@poconopetpantry.org

Top Right - Stephanie Cardiello - Vice President

email - scardiello@poconopetpantry.org

Bottom Left - Dawn DeBiase-Witchy  Treasurer/Fundraising Coordinator

email - dwitchy@poconopetpantry.org

Bottom Right -Tara Fuls Secretary/Client Coordinator

email - tfuls@poconopetpantry.org

Shanette Griffin - IT Manager (not pictured)


We are currently in need of volunteers to help with the following:

- finding and applying for grants

If you are interested and able to help with our current above need please email us at 



Monroe County, PA

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