Time sure FLIES, when you’re having fun!!


We are SO proud to announce, that through community support and dedication, one of our biggest supporters has made a HUGE difference for the Pocono Pet Pantry, and how we are able to service the community!!

We have met a goal we worked very hard toward. Within a weeks time, we were contacted, and told that we now have a storage facility available to operate from, and hold all of the donations, AND THEN....within 24 hours of THAT delivery.....The Wal-mart DC 6080 in Tobyhanna, helped fill it up with an 8,000 lb donation!! 8 pallets of products, that we are able to distribute to our clients, and share with other local organizations, that are helping animals as well!! We appreciate you so very much!! Thank you for your continued support and sharing with your friends, showing us why this community is so great, and making sure that you’re doing your part, to let your neighbors know we are here, and our furry little friends know, that they are LOVED!!!


A 501(c)(3) non profit, tax exempt organization.

Mission Statement
It is our mission to provide quality pet food to families experiencing financial hardship, low income seniors, disabled and homeless individuals. Our goal is to help prevent animals from being surrendered to local animal shelters or abandoned due to inability to provide food for beloved pets.



Vision Statement
Our future vision is to continue providing pet food to needy families within the community in addition to expanding our services to include basic pet needs and health care for beloved pets.


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