How do I apply to receive assistance from Pocono Pet Pantry?

At this time you can fill out the application for assistance form on the website and a volunteer will contact you , you can also send an email or call us directly.

Can I request certain brands of food?

As much as we would love to give your pets the same food they are use to, please remember we distribute food that is donated to the pantry. Once you become a client we can make note of special request items in your file so if we get a donation of that item we can let you know.

What animals can I receive food for from Pocono Pet Pantry?

The most common pets we serve are dogs and cats. However we do ask for donations for all types of pets. If you are in need of assistance with a different type of pet please let us know we will do what we can to help.

How can I donate to Pocono Pet Pantry?

Thank You for wanting to help! Since we work purely off donations we can use all the help we can get! The more donations we receive the more help we can give. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Does Pocono Pet Pantry accept donations other than food?

ABSOLUTELY!!! Although food is our most common donation, we also accept items that can help local pets in need. Including but not limited to leashes, collars, cat litter & boxes, pet beds, treats and toys. We have an Amazon wish list for a up to date list of needs.

I am currently receiving benefits from Pocono Pet Pantry but I am still overwhelmed by pet ownership. Can I surrender my pets to the Pantry?

Although Pocono Pet Pantry is not a rescue or animal shelter we can give you contact information for organizations that provide this service.

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